2017 Portland National Specialty Health Screenings-One form per dog-Please submit before checking out

OFA forms must be completed online prior to your appointment. Handwritten forms will not be accepted.

Please complete the online OFA forms for Thyroid, Heart and Eye and send to:
Roberta Porter at radberta@gmail.com
For questions and information, contact:
2017 RRCUS Health Clinic Chair
Roberta Porter

• All testing must be pre-registered and pre-paid. Fees are non-refundable. Use the Health Screening Registration Form on
page X for each dog. For payment use the Shop Now link on RRCUS.org on the National Specialty page
http://www.rrcus.org/national_specialty.php, or send a check with your registration form.
• Upon arrival, please make your dog available to the check-in desk staff for microchip scanning to confirm identity.
• An additional OFA registration fee (which is not included in the pre-registration testing fee) must accompany your OFA
form when submitted for registration. Please bring your checkbook or credit card to the testing area to include this
payment to OFA.
• Please allow an additional 20 minutes for eye drops to take effect prior to CAER eye exams.
• To help facilitate the smooth flow of health screens, please be prompt, courteous and follow these instructions.
Time permitting, limited day of health screening registrations will be taken for an additional $15 per each registration