2018 Loveland Reserved Front Row Seating-Four Per Event Per Customer please

$ 15.00

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Reserved seating is limited to the front row. You may reserve a front row seat for the four days of conformation, or you may reserve a front row seat for a single-day event. Daytime reserved seats do not include the Top 25 Event, you may reserve a Top 25 seat separately. All seating is subject to availability.

Tuesday through Friday Front Row Seating $50 per seat

Tuesday -Sweeps $15 per seat

Wednesday -Dog Classes $15 per seat

Thursday -Bitch Classes $15 per seat

Friday –Best of Breed $25 per seat

Top 25 Event Only $25 per seat

There is a four-seat limit per person for all events

Front Row Seating Rules:
1.Seats will be specifically assigned. If you want to be seated with other members, please indicate your preference. We will do our best to accommodate that request.
2.Front row seats will be numbered by section. You will be issued a
seating confirmation identifying your seat number (s)
Please keep your seating information with you.If lost, no worries, seating information will be available at the announcer’s desk each day.
3.Top 25 participant owners were allocated 2 front row seats each,
with the ability to purchase additional seats
Remaining seats are available on a first come first served basis.
General Seating Rules
1.You may sit in any vacant seat other than the front row.
2.As a courtesy to fellow spectators, please remove your items/do not save your seat if you will be away from your seat for more than an hour
Please abide by the seating rules they are meant to make it fair for all