2020 Fredericksburg Trophy Sponsorship Opportunities

We are kicking off the general trophy sponsorship drive for the 2020 National Specialty in Fredericksburg, TX. and have opened up the remaining trophies for sponsorship.
Click here for list of trophies:
Please note, this is the 1st time we have opened up Shopify to allow individuals to choose and pay for trophies without using the invoice process. We have worked very hard to ensure a smooth process. If you do run into any issues please reach out to rrcuselectronicsales2@gmail.com.
Caveat, there are trophies that have been invoiced but have not paid. Those trophies will be seen as available. If you chose an unavailable trophy, it will not add to your cart. 
Please send an email to kategzimmer@gmail.com if you have any questions.
Kate Zimmerman
Trophy Sponsorship Chair