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 2018 Endurance Trial Competition Wednesday, October 3rd – 7:00 am

General Location: Boyd Lake State Park Campground, 3729 N. County Rd. 11-C, Loveland, CO Specific ET Location: “Seven Lakes Park”, 1975 Park Drive

All registered participants and volunteers will be contacted at least two weeks prior to the National with information pertaining to the ET so please include your email with your registration. There is also a Facebook site where we can discuss issues and questions. The ET will begin at 7 am at sunrise. It will follow a four-mile lollipop circle multi-use path, repeating to make the required 12 miles, with vet checks every 4 miles. The ET will end under the Pavilion where they will finish their vet check, obedience and. Initial vet checks and obedience will occur at the pavilion site at 6 am to expedite the start. Ribbons will be awarded the same day in the conformation ring at lunch. Route Directions will be printed and available at check-in table prior to event. Rules: Mandatory: Dogs must be 2 years of age on the day of the event. • Groups will be spaced 10 minutes apart. Know which group you are in and be ready. • There will be a 10-minute break between legs. As you come in from your 1st and 2nd legs, a timer will yell your time to you. It is YOUR responsibility to be at the vet checker location 5 minutes later for the dog’s vital signs to be checked. When it nears the end of the 10-minute rest, report to the timer. They will give you the go-ahead at the 10-minute mark. o Example: If you come in at 8:00, you must be at the vet location at 8:05 and back to the starting line at 8:09. • There will be a 15-minute break between the 2nd and 3rd leg of the trial. Once again, it is your responsibility to be at the checker’s location 5 minutes later to have your dog checked and be back at the line at the 15-minute mark. • As you finish each leg, you will be able to offer your dog water. Do not allow your dog to over-drink, which can cause bloat. • At the end of the 3rd leg – DO NOT LEAVE THIS AREA. You must report to the vet checker’s location 5 and 15 minutes after you cross the finish line. The dog’s vital signs will be measured each time. o Example: If you cross the finish line at 11:00, you must be at the checker’s location at 11:05 and 11:15. In between these times, allow your dog to rest, drink water, and recover. • After the final vet check, you must report to the obedience judge for the final obedience test. • Failure to be at the checker’s location or the starting line could result in your not receiving the RRCUS ET Title. WATCH YOUR TIMES. • You must maintain an average pace of at least 6 miles per hour (10-minute miles). You must complete each 4-mile leg in no more than 40 minutes. If you go over time on any of the three legs, you will be allowed to finish, but you will not receive an Endurance Trial title. • If your dog is deemed unfit or unable to continue by the on-site veterinarian, that decision is final, and you will be instructed to stop. • A Rosette will be given to each Rhodesian Ridgeback earning a RRCUS Endurance Trial title during the Conference Center lunch break, with a gift bag and certificate.

For questions and information, contact:

2018 RRCUS Endurance Trial Chair

Linda Cannon