2018 Loveland Reserved Crating-To be crated with another exhibitor fill out the form before check out

$ 30.00

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Reserved Crating, Long Term Free Crating, and Day of Show Crating will be available in the Conference Center.

Reserved Crating will be assigned. All Crating will become available for use beginning Sunday afternoon (September 30), at 4 pm.

Day of Show Crating is available each day during show hours and must be vacated each evening.

Crating spaces will be 36 X 48 inches, each. The weekly fee will be $30 per crating space.

Crates may not be stacked. No ex-pens.

All crates must display the dog’s name, owner’s name, and cell phone number.

No dogs may be left after 8pm on any evening. Anyone leaving their dogs in the crating area past 8 pm, will lose crating privileges.
If you wish to have your crates next to another exhibitor, you need to sign-up together (pay for the total number
of spaces at one time).
Spaces will be assigned on a first paid, first served basis. There is no guarantee on the location of
your crating space.